Training Run Bouder Foothills

I had a great 5 hour training run today with my buddy Jerry. I had a tough hill workout that lasted until almost 11pm last night, then I was up at 5am and out the door to run long…..

I ended up starting the run very dehydrated. In fact I didn’t pee the whole 5 hours on the trails (Bright orange when I did) I know; “TMI”.

I started the run feeling unstoppable; really light and fast uphill and down. But I started to fade around four hours in. I did manage to “put the wheels back on and have a great run. I really need to do a better job showing up hydrated and rested at the run start…

We did get in a considerable amount of climbing and really had a great run. We will be back on the trails early tomorrow!


~ by irishsailsman on April 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Training Run Bouder Foothills”

  1. It was a great run Dave! There are no bad days on the trail. You’ll get this hydration plan nailed down and run repeats up Bear mountain on an easy day.

  2. Great job on the blog too……’s fun to log the training and share thoughts with others.

  3. Thanks man, I am feeling strong and fast on the trails, the nutrition IS the missing link. And I was killing it for 4 hours 🙂
    It was good to see again how quickly you can come back from low points….

    I think a PR at The Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Run is coming….

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